How to Increase Adoption of Your Predictive Models

Do you have a predictive model you are planning to develop?  If yes, this course is for you.  Register and reserve your spot now.  Students will walk away with a template for an adoption and implementation plan for their ideas/model.

We have developed this inaugural PHLI master course, Foundations, for anyone who is planning a predictive model for their healthcare organizations.

We take you step-by-step through how to develop a template (or roadmap) to dramatically improve the chances that your predictive model will be implemented by your organization and thus impact and improve patient outcomes (and improve the bottom line).

Why do most predictive models fail to get adopted?  Whether it’s tied to data, resources, workflow or need …most of the time it is tied to subpar due diligence and planning.

Foundations: How to Increase Adoption of Your Predictive Models teaches you to prioritize requirements and create a plan based on real needs and actual resource limitations.  

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About the Course

Implementation Plan shows how to provide an understanding of who the key stakeholders are and what they’re trying to accomplish, so that your team delivers a predictive model that improves outcomes (both clinical and financial).  See abstract below.

  • Improve communication between departments.
  • Clarify the lines so population management can focus on what needs to be built and development can focus on how to build it.
  • Build targeted solutions. Use context from key business and clinical stakeholders—who you’re building for and what problems you’re solving—to create impactful predictive models.
  • Prioritize based on impact. Focus on the models and features that will have the biggest clinical and economic impact by ranking requirements objectively.
  • Use a consistent approach for all of your teams

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The goal of almost all value based organizations is to improve patient care and increase the bottom line.  Without a strategy to indicate HOW to improve your impact on the Triple Aim, you can argue just about any predictive model could help your organization achieve its goal. But with a strategy that specifies how value will be achieved you can tailor your Model to support that strategy and adoption will ultimately follow.   

Who is This Course For?

Individuals planning and/or developing predictive models within a healthcare provider or insurer organization.

Students will walk away with a template for an adoption and implementation plan for their ideas/model.

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Foundations: How to Increase Adoption of Your Predictive Models

Module 0: Setting Stage: Why predictive models are important

Module 1: Go! Where do You Get Started

  • Determining how your organization is measuring value
  • Creating measureable goals

Module 2: 02 Who: Identifying the key players to be involved

  • Determining how stakeholders are impacted
  • Identifying which workflows are impacted?
  • Asking the right questions

Module 3: How do you decide which models to build?

  • Identifying areas of greatest need (demand assessment)
  • Assessing the key elements of your project (data, resources, technology)
  • Determining the data elements you need

Module 4 Prioritization: How do you decide which model t start with?

  • How do you validate which models will deliver the most value?  
  • Aligning with highest priorities at your organization?
  • A simple approach to ranking priorities

Module 5.   How do you create the appropriate workflow for your model?

  • How do you define the success of the model?  
  • How do you measure this impact?   
  • Determining when you need predictor in in the care management process

Module 6.   How to Convert a Proof of Concept to an Actual Implemented Model?

  • Create a draft of Required Specifications
  • Example of RFS document
  • Generate more funding, more models, better outcomes

Module 7.   Summary: Key Components to Your Model and Template

Students will walk away with a template for an adoption and implementation plan for their ideas/model.
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