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Purpose is Good. Shared Purpose is Better[1]

Producer of Bright Spots in Healthcare

Shared Purpose Connect (SPC) is where the ambitious leaders at health care payers and provider organizations learn about success stories from their peers. We produce the Bright Spots in Healthcare podcast and webinar series, the only virtual program specifically focused on the sharing of positive deviants in population health, value-based healthcare and other strategic topics tied to healthcare’s “triple aim and one.” SPC brings leaders in healthcare together with the shared purpose of truly improving healthcare. Purpose is good. Shared purpose is better! (1)


We bring leaders together to not only inform our audience but to unearth “bright spots” — successes — at health plans, hospitals, health systems and other healthcare-related organizations around the country. Our mission is to identify as many bright spots as possible so our audience can determine if the ideas can be applied at their organizations. We believe finding a bright spot — and cloning it — is the most effective strategy to improve healthcare in our lifetime. (2) Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard


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    Your peers love Bright Spots in Healthcare

    This is a great opportunity to bring together experts and have an open conversation. There are so many questions, one whole session could be on questions that's how engaging it is ! Thank you!

    Tracey Greene, Vice President,
    Personalized Health,
    Aetna National Medicaid

    The session inspired ideas and initiatives to share across my team at Humana on how we can strengthen our service delivery and implement these strategies in the buildout of new lines of business.

    Nicole Bell,
    Senior Market Development Professional,

    My first time connecting with Bright Spots and I am hooked! We are all managing through uncertainty and this group are amazing thinkers in their field, living in this real healthcare world and providing clarity for the future.

    Robert Santilli, CEO,
    Gunnison Valley Health

    Your programming provided a real-world perspective. This approach created relatability; moreover, it will be easy to apply some of the work to enhance the patient experience.

    Leslie Marsh, CEO,
    Lexington Regional Health Center

    Excellent overview of value and importance of video marketing; as a medical director myself, it opened my eyes to various opportunities for our health system to improve.

    Gerard Isenberg, MD,
    Chief Medical Quality Officer,
    University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center

    I left Bright Spots in Healthcare with a greater understanding of the next steps to guide our development and implementation plan for SDoH. The examples of actual programs in place and how they function to focus on gaps in the community were great.

    Cheryl Moses,
    Chief Nursing Officer,
    Physicians of SW Washington

    Having providers with real-world, prospective insights and pertinent information is of tremendous benefit to the medical community at large.

    John Coslett, CNO,
    Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital

    Very efficient way of connecting to experts all over the Nation from the convenience of your office. Thank you for helping us in this innovative way!

    Jean Barske,
    Chief Strategy Officer,
    Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

    The program is relevant, easy-to-follow and pragmatic. Worth tuning in!

    Amy Burt, Chief Digital Health Officer,

    I have never been disappointed with this podcast. The quality of the presentations is amazing!

    Robert Radvansky, Director of Quality,
    Palo Alto County Health System

    This program was fantastic! The panel was well versed in their fields of expertise and their knowledge and information flowed freely between the moderator and the other panelists. I truly enjoyed the hour and look forward to your next scheduled program.

    Jeffrey Robins,
    Director of Neurodiagnostics/Telehealth,
    Tift Regional Medical Center

    Topical healthcare discussions regarding innovation, leadership, and culture facilitated masterfully by the always well-prepared moderator, Eric Glazer.

    Ron Scharff, Senior,
    Director, Kindred Rehabilitation Services