Our Purpose

Idea Sharing to Improve Healthcare

Our mission

Identify and share successes or “bright spots” in health plans, hospitals and health organizations around the country.

The most effective strategy

We believe that the finding a bright spot and cloning the idea is the most effective strategy to improve healthcare in our lifetime.

We bring leaders together

Shared Purpose, Purpose is Good. Shared Purpose is Better.

Eric Glazer


Eric Glazer is the founder and CEO of Shared Purpose Connect, the company that hosts and produces the Bright Spots in Healthcare podcast and live events, as well as the Innovation Showcase where we bring leading technology and solution vendors to present in front of provider and payer organizations.

Eric has over two decades experience producing leading healthcare events and collaborative projects, launching new telehealth service, and running executive councils for the industry (i.e. Chief Medical Officer Council).

Eric also leads product solutions for primary care, mental health and expert medical consultants for Teladoc Health (SPC is not affiliated or funded by Teladoc Health). Eric holds a BS and MBA in Health Care from Union College in Schenectady, New York.

Kimberly Grass

Director of Partnerships and Operations

Kim helps to manage the SPC calendar and all contracts and invoices. She is the go-to person for all our SPC clients. She manages the backend office intricacies to ensure a smooth client and sponsor experience. She serves as Eric’s right hand person and manages the day to day projects of the business.

Kim has over a decade of extensive experience working in the marketing field, specifically assisting small businesses. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to use the skills she acquired to help other business owners. She enjoys helping business owners to expand and improve. Her attention to detail and organizational skills enables her to provide the highest quality service possible. You can connect with Kim via the links to the left.

Sherry Keyles

Senior Content Producer and Copywriter

Sherry manages the overall production of Bright Spots in Healthcare virtual roundtables and podcasts including panelist recruitment and project management. A uniquely versatile and seasoned writer, she crafts compelling email and other marketing content to attract attendees and sponsors. Sherry also reviews all marketing materials for consistency and effectiveness of messaging. She has over 20 years of experience creating impactful program content for conferences, events, and corporate communication in the financial, technology, and healthcare industries. Sherry strives for business excellence – through her exceptional writing, editing, strategic planning, researching, and program management skills.

Amy Raymond

Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager for Shared Purpose Connect, Amy’s role is to assist in the planning and promoting of all our events. Amy creates and manages all email campaigns to increase SPC’s awareness and engagement among our target audience, and of course, to fill seats at our events! Amy has over 10 years of marketing experience in various capacities and industries, ranging from email and social media marketing to community management and event planning. Amy loves building relationships with people, and if you’d like to connect, please write me a note using our Contact page.

Cesar Del Castillo

Podcast Editor

Cesar does all the editing of the Bright Spots in Healthcare virtual roundtables. He is an integral part of the team with a set of skills to get the job done.
Cesar dedicates himself to the area of Graphic Design and Audiovisual in general, having a full capacity for the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro) which is the best tool to accomplish these tasks.
Audio editing is one of his strongest skills, having a background of working in recording studios and being a musician for more than 15 years.

Tony Flynn

Director, Business Development

Tony Flynn manages business development for our sponsorship programs and is excited to participate in our mission to help advance healthcare. He brings senior marketing and sales experience to our company as well as considerable success in technology and health care startups, including management in three initial public offerings (IPOs). In business development, he helps us and our sponsors maximize the value of our programs to their business and configure solutions that best support their marketing and sales goals. Tony also serves as an advisor and investor to emerging technology and health care companies.

Gene Ware

Senior Manager of Marketing & Database

A dynamic communications professional with more than 10 years of experience in marketing, project management, and customer success, Gene spent several years as a Senior Marketing Manager at World Congress where he grew the Employer and Legal & IP portfolios of events. In any capacity, Gene strives to strengthen relationships, streamline processes, and elevate vibes. Outside of SPC, Gene is a film and television actor, and a songwriter.