Relocalizing Healthcare: A Live Interview with Dave Chase
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December 3, 2020 02:00 pm ET

Relocalizing Healthcare: A Live Interview with Dave Chase

Healthcare advocate, entrepreneur, and author Dave Chase discusses why healthcare is so expensive and shares some radical ways to reinvent healthcare during this episode. Dave highlights case studies featured in his new book, Relocalizing Health: The Future of Healthcare is Local, Open and Independent, which details the solutions employers and local community leaders can take to reduce healthcare costs and improve healthcare benefits for their plan members.

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Why and how healthcare can be provided and funded locally  What healthcare can learn from the craft beer industry  How a boutique hotel in Florida, a town in Sweden, and a community in Alaska all  How you can get a free copy of Dave’s book This Bright Spots in Healthcare episode is sponsored by Revel Health, which is innovating how healthcare organizations think about pop health and consumer engagement. In brief, Revel Health focuses on understanding people. They know the populations you struggle with like Medicaid or Medicare Advantage, are NOT about population health — it’s about the individual. And this is the most important point I want to make, they approach healthcare differently, by understanding the values and belief systems of the individual, so they can create a personalized plan to drive positive behavioral change.  It’s really a very fresh way of thinking about engagement and SDOH. Revel Health and NovuHealth announced a merger on October 1, 2020, to create a leading technology platform company focused on healthcare member engagement.

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Dave Chase

Author, Relocalizing Health: The Future of Health Will Be Local, Open, and Independent; Creator, Co-Founder & CEO, Health Rosetta

Dave leads the vision for Health Rosetta which is to empower community-owned health plans. Health Rosetta’s blueprint and platform powers the health plans of your dreams: high quality, trustworthy, local, affordable care — that you thought had disappeared forever — from caregivers we know & trust. We free up compassionate, well-trained, community-based caregivers to rediscover love in medicine so they can do what they have always been called to do: serve their patients not just in disease, but toward their fullest health. A trusted & sacred caregiver-patient bond is built through transparency & openness that equips and empowers patients wherever they can best achieve their unique health goals — at home or any setting best optimizing their well-being. By avoiding the 50% wasted healthcare spending, we can ensure our caregivers have the independence & resources to address the psychosocial and medical issues their patients face. Human-centered health plans restore health, hope & well-being.

Through best-selling books & “The Resident” (on FOX), where Dave serves as a consultant, collateral damage from the Extractive Era of healthcare is highlighted as well as the tremendous successes & opportunities with Health Rosetta-type health plans. The books, writing for various media outlets, TED talk and TV/film have reached over 10 million people with the goal of informing, enraging, empowering and activating a broad grassroots movement designed to restore hope, health & well-being to our communities. Dave received the Health Value Awards’ Lifetime Achievement for Health Benefits Innovation at the 2020 World Health Care Congress.

Dave co-founded Avado which was acquired by & integrated into WebMD/Medscape and founded Microsoft’s $2B, 28,000 partner healthcare ecosystem.

Outside of work, Chase is an oxygen-fueled mountain athlete and volunteer high school track & cross country coach. Once upon a time, Chase was a PAC-12 800 Meter & 4×400 competitor. Most importantly, devotion to faith, family and friends underpin a desire to be a servant leader to the 4 million lives (& growing) stewarded through the Health Rosetta community.

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