True Value-Based Care Starts with an Action
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March 30, 2022 12:00 pm ET

True Value-Based Care Starts with an Action

Dr. Jonah Mink, Medical Director of discusses how health plans can convert data into actionable insights by leveraging focused chronic care service providers with at-home or last-mile care or diagnostics. Jonah also shares how health plans are generating clinical results and revenue from partnerships with service providers and offers guidance on what plans should consider when thinking about a partnership. He also discusses how partnerships with chronic care-focused service providers help reduce health disparities in the community. Jonah cares deeply about health equity and social justice and has expertise in new models of technology and relationship-based care delivery that address access gaps and improves care quality. Jonah completed his residency training in Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Pennsylvania works as a family medicine doctor in the U.S. and Israel.



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